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From connectivity to multiple services and applications, all integrated to your network and managed by a single source, with the best technology in the industry.

Connected citizens

Connectivity keeps all the city services integrated and centralized for the benefit of its inhabitants.

Safe city

Calculus Networks offers solutions for video surveillance, radars, drones and satellite monitoring with analytics.

Efficient city

With our state-of-the-art cloud services, cities can enjoy totally secure solutions.

What are smart cities?

A city that applies IT and communications so that its critical infrastructure, its components and public services are more interactive, efficient and citizens experience its benefits.


surveillance cameras on sky background, 3d render
Video surveillance

The growth of the urban population and its technological needs make the implementation of smart security devices and applications essential to safeguard the population. Video surveillance cameras and devices are integrated to our cloud to deliver safety to inhabitants.


Your network is always available, with high performance regardless of your Internet Service Provider, enabling a Private Network without investing in MPLS.

cctv 1100x400
Radar Video Surveillance

Our most advanced radar and most cost-effective perimeter protection solution for rural and crowded environments.

Public Safety, Command & Dispatch


Real-time surveillance of the environment with AI, monitoring and analysis of the city’s resources that allows combining and centralizing infinite data from the entire city.

Access control

Integrated with all types of ACC video management software for effective, instant and high-quality supervision in your spaces, with multiple data analytics.

Security Analytics

It provides real-time insights and actionable data on people, their clothing, activity and movement, vehicle and object analytics.

Facial recognition

Allows the scanning and identification of persons of interest with artificial intelligence technology. for a response time and action in an efficient and proactive way.

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

This cloud-based solution makes possible the guarantee of road safety at any point in the city, specially in areas where speed limits require greater observance and control.

UAV Drones

They are remotely operated smart vehicles for surveillance and security operations in spaces with limited or no human access, connected to a command and control system allowing different functions.

Lifesaving robots

High technology easy to operate with multi-sensor capability, possibility to equip them with first aid material, weapons or rescue equipment; with integrated systems.


Calculus provides innovative cyber threat intelligence services to give businesses the advantage of getting ahead of security vulnerabilities.

Pictured is a tracked, remote control vehicle being tested as part of the UK Governments Project MINERVA.

A new fleet of robots and drones designed to test for chemical agents, provide 3D mapping and identify casualties have been put through their paces by troops, police officers and scientists for the first time.

Tests of the cutting-edge multi-million-pound project, co-funded by the Ministry of Defence and the Home Office, included robots that can ‘read’ and climb stairs and miniature drones weighing less than a bar of soap which could soon come into service to rapidly assess hazardous scenes. 

The aim of the ground-breaking research, named Project MINERVA, is to reduce the risk to emergency services and front-line troops attending incidents or operations involving hazardous chemical or biological materials. 

Recent trials, saw concept drones and robots thrown into simulated contaminated scenarios in both UK homeland and battlefield environments. The technology was tested against the speed and accuracy of human response teams supported by specialist Dstl scientists, the military, police and fire services.

Project MINERVA was launched in September 2016 and has been supported by over £3 million in joint funding over 24 months. The project intends to bring the designs from concept to reality in an accelerated timeframe. The recent trials involved the winning concepts for phase 2 of the project.

The project is led by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL). It is funded jointly by the Ministry of Defence science and technology portfolio and the Home Office and contracted through the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) with funding from Defence Science and Technology (DST).
Connectivity and infrastructure

We make possible the operation of all the innovations that we have available with the latest in technology and telecommunications. We build cloud solutions for the best performance of your networks.

Application scopes


We do smart city projects


Comprehensive projects to modernize several cities in the same State.

Smart Towns

We bring the benefits of technology to remote places.

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